Official Dress Standards

   FFA Members, if you want to be
        dressed with the best,
             and dressed for success,
                  here is what it takes:

  • Girls should wear a black skirt that is no shorter than one inch above the knee, hemmed evenly across the bottom, with a slit no longer than two inches above the knee, excluding the kick pleat.  Leather skirts and skirts with excessive slits are not acceptable.

  • Black slacks are not accepted Official Dress for female members in Oklahoma.

  • Girls should wear black nylon hosiery.  Men should wear black socks.

  • Girls should wear basic black dress shoes with a closed toe and moderate closed heel.

  • Men should wear black dress pants.  A 1 cuff is preferred.  Black pleated jeans are acceptable if not faded or noticeably worn.

  • Men should wear black dress shoes that posses a shine.  Black boots are acceptable if well maintained.  Black athletic shoes are not acceptable.

  • Always wear a white-collared shirt or blouse with an official dress FFA tie or scarf.  A buttoned down collar is preferred for men.

  • The bow tie for sale in the national FFA catalog is not considered part of official dress.

  • A cowboy hat or cap is not acceptable with official dress at any time.

  • Make sure your jacket is zipped all the way to the top.

  • Never wear more than three medals on your jacket.  Wear your state or national convention button on your left jacket collar.  Always remove the button following the convention.  No other buttons or patches are acceptable.

  • The FFA Blue Catalog carries official dress items such as white dress shirts for men and women, black dress pants, and a black dress skirt.  You may check these items out at https://shopffa.org/.



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