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  Central Area VP
Kade McGowen


Letter to the Members:
Born into FFA, as I like to say, I am the third generation member in my family to be involved in this life-altering association. Being able to wear the national blue and corn gold jacket representing my chapter and family and now the state has been the biggest honor.

I remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to be in FFA. It all started at my grandparents’ house when my grandpa had me try on his FFA jacket. I remember hearing him chuckle because I was only 13 but I could fit into his FFA jacket he wore all throughout high school.

My family is very passionate about our SAE projects. I have managed to build up a herd of 25 head of purebred shorthorn and club calves. My senior year I was very proud that every calf I showed came out of my own herd. I am the second oldest out of five siblings, and I am proud to leave my project for my younger siblings to build on.

The Maysville FFA chapter is well known for our livestock evaluation team and community service. Mrs. Morphew is hands down the best agricultural instructor around. She has helped me so much through my FFA career and much more.

One of my favorite high school memories would have to be going to the ag barn because we never knew what we were getting ourselves into -- whether we were setting up for a show, building pens or, my favorite, giving a set of reasons on my best friend that was pretending to be a show steer. I have made so many memories through FFA, and I plan on making many more.

My Favorites:
Color: Blue
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Movie: Forrest Gump
Music Artist: Brad Paisley
Food: Calf Fries
Hobby: Hunting
Pastime: Mowing
Sport: Baseball
FFA Activity: Livestock Evaluation
Animal: Cattle
Role Model: My Mother
Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Store: Academy
TV show: The Andy Griffin Show
Speaker: Tim Tebow
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